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Additional Services


Astrodon also offers the following services, and quotes are available on request for both current clients and prospective new clients:

  1. Maintenance and building services contracts, including monthly maintenance agreements in respect of gates/electric fencing
  2. Electrical compliance certificates in respect of individual units and schemes’ electric fencing
  3. Estate management services, including roaming estate manager services for smaller schemes
  4. Executive management services in terms of regulations.
  5. Liaising with attorneys on legal issues and assisting clients with legal advise
  6. Advising and assisting on procedural matters such as general meetings, special meetings, quorums, proxies, resolutions, voting rights and CSOS
  7. Human Resources assistance in terms of CCMA disputes and Labour-related matters
  8. Writing up of financial statements
  1. Home letting

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  2. Residential sales

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  3. Property valuations

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  4. Bond applications

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