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Body Corporate Schemes
Our management fees are inclusive of the following services:

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  1. Monthly Collection of levies and effective credit control
  2. Daily payment of creditors on behalf of the scheme, including salaries, wages, services, etc. from available funds in the scheme’s bank account
  3. Municipal/Council account reconciliations and prompt payment thereof
  4. Preparation for Annual General Meetings within 4 months of the financial year end, as prescribed by regulations
  5. Accurate reports covering:
      1. Owners’ statements sent out between the 20th and 22nd of each and every month, allowing sufficient time to raise queries if need be to avoid payment delays
      2. Monthly financial packs, including detailed income statements, balance sheets, bank reconciliations, bank statements, council reconciliations, detailed levy roll, actual bank statements, copies of all invoices and POP
      3. Preparation of annual budgets and financial statements for submission to the auditors in terms of regulations
      4. Credit control arrears reports from attorneys
      5. Cash flow reports
  6. Quarterly trustee meetings attended by the appointed Portfolio Manager
  7. Maintain statutory records, including taking minutes, attendance registers, and trustee decisions
  8. Maintenance quotes – arrange for quotes from our approved service or maintenance providers; non-approved suppliers’ quotes can be arranged on request
  9. Arrangements for audits within three months of the financial year end by the appointed auditors in terms of regulations, preparation of budgets, levy calculations in accordance with budget requirements, and monthly meter readings via approved service providers.
  10. Negotiations with relevant councils to ensure that the Body Corporate receives the correct council rebates, i.e. asset rates and utilities based on multiple units and not single dwellings or vacant land
  11. Ensuring correct insurance cover, including valuations and claims management
  12. Registration of schemes at SARS in terms of PAYE/UIF and WMC
  13. Registration of scheme’s at CSOS in terms of regulations and ensuring that the correct contributions are collected from owners and paid to CSOS

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